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Chryseis / Dec 31, 2011
I hope you all have had an splendid holiday with friends and family and your family here in Vindi! :)

We are doing a sort of "purge" of the inactive guild members, and those who have no care for the guild. Our guild size is going to drop remarkably, and with that we will drop with rank. Simply for honesty purposes - My admins and myself don't care for rank placement, just working on improving as a guild itself and as members/players of the game. We are here to help you with all that you need help with. Also, if an alt of yours is accidentally removed, let us know, and we'll bring them back in.

Also, if you see anyone with the IGN WarDemon - THIS PERSON IS NOT CHRYSEIS. DO NOT GIVE OUT YOUR ACCOUNT INFORMATION TO ANYONE. I, nor my admins, would NEVER ask for such information. My only characters in vindictus are Chryseis, Saraneth, CarlJr, and AngryKiller - and I don't use the last two characters.

Take care and have fun with your guildmates :) We're here to help!



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