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Chryseis / Jul 14, 2011
There is a new raid schedule for the GUILD taking place. See HERE!

Also take notice that the website has changed to rather than the original The link will always be redirected here, even if you still link to our page through the previous I hope that clears up any confusion. The main site changed their name, but it wont affect us using our guildsite.

I hope everyone is enjoying the new raid bosses!

Chryseis / Jun 23, 2011
Hello guildies!

Lets keep advertising the website, so we get more active members on it! Otherwise we can't really host guild events, and stuff to bring the guild closer together :p We have a guild event coming up [Juni's idea] and I really want people into this one, and excited about it! Please start telling people about it, and maybe forming ideas for teams :) For Juni's event go here!

I hope everyone's been having a blast with Karok!


p.s. I live on the east coast now, for a year.
Chryseis / Jun 01, 2011
Hey guys and ladies :)

We have a guild event going on! From June 1st to June 30th! Go check out the fashion contest! While you're at it, go check out Junipher's idea for the next event we are going to have and leave your ideas so we can get that event all worked out! [Go to forums, and then into the guild event/contest forum, and click the thread Juni's Return].

As I said before, I'm currently packing and preparing for finals and I'm moving to the east coast [for a year] in two weeks, so I'm terribly sorry for my absence. If you need anything please refer to Angrychild/Ruikia with your concerns, and I can be notified if I need to log on.

Have fun with the guild events and with Karok!!! <3~
Chryseis / May 19, 2011
Hello everyone :)

I just wanted to inform everyone that I'm going to be really busy these next like.. four weeks. I'm finishing up some college stuff, packing, and moving back across the US and my husband is deploying for a year, so I'll be on a little less, for a while longer, haha. I'm sure you're all enjoying the new content at any rate.

We are going to start hosting guild events here on our website, so I want everyone to get as many people involved as possible! Go leave your ideas for guild events you want to do in the forum we have up for it. We will probably do one, maybe two, a month.

Have fun ~ Chryseis

Chryseis / May 06, 2011
To all of our new members, we are really glad to have you here in The Last Smile :)

I just wanted to inform everyone that I am taking a two week trip home in the morning, [until the 21st] to visit family and such. So, I won't be on as much for a little bit. I'll still sign in when I can, and just refer to Angrychild/Ruikia and Rkblaze if you need anything. They can contact me and I'll log in if I'm needed.

Angry and everyone will still put together daily titan runs, and other guild runs.

Have an awesome time playing Vindi <3 I'll miss all of you!